Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you play?

I wanted to share a great book with you titled Play by Dr. Stuart Brown.  It's an amazing eye-opener regarding play and how it effects not only children but adults as well.
So many times I've seen play taken out of early childhood classrooms, and this is heartbreaking.  Strict standards have made it difficult to keep what I call "fun centers" and recess in the school day.  Has this happened to you?  I'd love to hear how you incorporate play in your students' day.

Now, do YOU play?  Not only is it important for children to have that precious downtime, but adults need it as well.  Do you have a hobby that rejuvenates you?  I love to read, watch movies with my family, and play around on the Wii.  What do you?

Thank you for sharing!


  1. I observed in a kindergarten class year, and the children had NO time for play. It was in a failing school, so the teacher had basically been given a curriculum she had to follow, and the whole day was just SIT! READ! WRITE! DO MATH! The teacher felt (and I agreed) that it was sad because little kids learn best when they are having fun, and so many of those kids were English Language Learners who would have benefited from practicing playing and being social. But it was all about reading, writing and math. I am now student teaching in an at risk preschool program and am happy to see that they spend large portions of their day playing! The teacher calls small groups of children over to do tasks with her, while the others get to play in the centers of their choosing.

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  4. I still have playhouse in my kindergarten. We have lots of blocks, legos, and a train set. I don't have a lot of time for play, but I try to incorporate free choice time for 10-15 minutes a day. It depends on the behavior and having all of our work complete. I do think it is important, but we have so many standards and expectations.
    tonia in Redlands,ca