Thursday, January 5, 2012

Student Teaching 411

First of all, the most important advice I can give you is to teach from the heart.  You and  your students will get so much more from this wonderful experience if your heart is in it.  If this is difficult for you, you may want to reconsider why you are becoming a teacher.

With that said, welcome to one of the most challenging and REWARDING experiences of your training.  It can be overwhelming, but with proper planning and time management it can go smoothly.  It is imperative that you DO NOT procrastinate during this time.  Let your family and friends know now that for the next sixty days your time is not your own.  Take care of your body and get plenty of rest.  Once you are in the classroom, dress for success and have confidence in yourself.  YOU ARE READY FOR THIS!

I have provided some helpful templates (and examples) of ways you can get organized.  Ultimately, your supervising teacher will have to approve your lessons.  I was blessed to have "free reign," so to speak.  Don't be afraid to try new things (with teacher approval).  Don't be afraid to ask your teacher questions.  That's what they're there for!

For starters, get a calendar.  I printed monthly calendars from the internet so that I could fill in deadlines and pre-planned  units of study.  Think "big picture" and zoom in from there.  You can download free calendar templates here.

Now to "zoom in."  I have created a weekly planning guide and daily planning guide that were extremely helpful to me.  You can access them by clicking on the document titles below.  You will also find a gradual assumption of duties planning template and lesson plan template there, as well as completed examples.  There is also a student information sheet that will be helpful for data collection.

Center/Work Station Observational Checklist
Full Assumption Daily Plans Example
Full Assumption Daily Plans Template
Lesson Plan Example
Lesson Plan Template
Overview of Weekly Gradual Assumption of Duties Example
Overview of Weekly Gradual Assumption of Duties Template
Weekly Planning Guide Example
Weekly Planning Guide Template
Student Information Sheet

I am ALWAYS available to answer questions and offer help.  You can click on my Pinterest button to see TONS of ideas for the classroom.  Just go to my pinboard "It's all about teaching..."  I have lots of resources available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can click on my TpT button to check those out.  Be sure to visit some of the other websites and blogs I have listed.  You are sure to be inspired!

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